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For the vast majority of hair transplants for men, we use the FUE technique.

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In the FUE technique, or follicular unit extraction, the surgeon extracts hair follicles individually from the back of the head and then inserts them in the recipient area individually.

This technique of extracting follicular units is relatively simple.

A special punch device is used to make tiny incisions (less than 1 millimetre) around the follicular units in the back of the head and directly remove individual grafts of hair one by one (thereby reducing the surgical time and improving the survival of the transplanted graft). The grafts are then placed in the recipient areas at the front of the scalp.


It does not leave a linear scar; therefore, you can keep your hair cut short without it being visible.There is a shorter recovery time and fewer restrictions on activity after the treatment. FUE can also be used if you have had a previous strip extraction.


An initial assessment is carried out to determine whether this is the right procedure for you, based onthe nature of your hair loss and other factors.

However, for the vast majority of individualswe treat for hair loss, the FUE technique is the ideal solution. It offers a significant number of advantages over other techniques such asstrip hair transplant.


The Paris Dakar rider Gerard Farrés Guell explains his experience with his hair transplant.

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