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There are several reasons why eyebrow restoration may be required.

You may have experienced hair loss due to medical treatment, illnesses, burns, etc., or you may simply desire your eyebrows to have a different shape, which means adding hair to certain areas. Whatever your reasons, eyebrow restoration is a viable and effective solution, restoring not only your eyebrows but also your self-confidence. Many patients have been very satisfied with this procedure.

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Eyebrow restoration or transplant starts by removing donor hair follicles from elsewhere on the head, typically from the back.The follicles are then kept in a biologically compatible environment so that they stay alive.

This procedure is so meticulous that it is done under a microscope to ensure absoluteaccuracy. The eyebrow hairs are handled one by one.

Lastly, the hairs are implanted in the eyebrow area. At this point, they must be inserted with extreme precision. To give a natural, healthy looking brow they must be placed at the right angle to follow the natural growth. This is an extraordinarily delicate procedure, which requires not only a firm hand, but also aesthetic sense.

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