Hair transplant clinic

Our facilities are ready to make you feel at home

We are the most innovative and best-equipped centre from a technological point of view, a benchmark in Catalonia.

Waiting room

You will feel at home in our waiting room. We have free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating, and coffee and soft drinks are available. Just ask our receptionist for anything you need.


From here you can reach the consultation room, photo studio, initial hair analysis room, operating theatres and toilets. A pleasant, bright and climate controlled environment to attend your first appointment, treatment and check-ups.

Consultation room

Here we hold appointments and carry out tests such as analysis of the flow and density of the capillaries of your scalp, in order to give you comprehensive information regarding whether your hair transplant is viable. And, of course, to make you feel at home during all the check-ups after your hair transplant.

Operating theatre

HTI Clinic has new operating theatres with the latest hair transplant technology, making us a benchmark centre for the efficiency and reliability of our treatments and hair transplant surgery.

Recovery room

Next to the operating theatre is the recovery and PRP application room for post-operative maintenance sessions. We take care of your hair as if it were our own.  What’s best for you is best for us.


Here we hold our regular meetings, always with the objective of making our patients feel at home and to positively regain the self-confidence of having hair again. There is always something to improve. We continually strive to be the best. Our sole aim is your complete satisfaction.

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