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Scars on the scalp or eyebrows are flaws that greatly affect our appearance.

The most common causes of injuries to the scalp are car accidents, sports injuries, birthmarks, burns, inflammatory diseases (discoid lupus erythematosus, lichen planopilaris and severe forms of psoriasis), after-effects of cosmetic surgery and neurosurgery that cause the destruction of the hair follicles in those areas. The injured areas are often marked with an obvious scar that cannot be disguised.



Patients who have hair transplants using the strip technique may have noticeable scars, especially if they have a short hairstyle. Scar repair using the FUE technique can help repair them.

Note that this procedure does NOT remove the scar but transplants hair over the scarring, so that if you let your hair grow, it can disguise the scar.

Surgical hair restoration requires carefully examining the scalp and weighing up numerous factors that can influence the viability and the outcome of the procedure. These may include:

Blood supply in the area of a scar. A very limited and damaged blood supply, due to injured and atrophied blood vessels, could make it difficult or even impossible to surgically restore the hair. Hair follicles need a blood supply in order to survive and work. If the blood supply is insufficient, the transplanted hair follicles will die or not be able to function properly. Other procedures must be carried out in order to restore the proper vascularisation of the area.

Underlying chronic inflammatory diseases that affect the scalp. We do not recommend hair transplants if the disease is active. We recommend the disease has been inactive for at least two years before carrying out a hair transplant.

Thickness of the scalp in the area that will undergo surgical hair restoration. Different types of scars have different properties due to their thickness. Very thick scar tissue (hypertrophic) can limit access to the underlying blood vessels. Very thin (atrophic) scar tissue may be too thin to hold the transplanted follicles.



The Paris-Dakar biker Gerard Farrés Guell shares his hair transplant experience.

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