Hair transplant
Man / Beard

Facial hair is highly visible and requires very careful treatment to achieve an entirely natural-looking result, a beard that looks like it has always been there. If you feel less masculine due to lack of facial hair, this procedure can help you.



Just as with hair transplants and eyebrow restoration, the first step to restoring facial hair is to extract live follicles from a donor area, usually the back of the head where they are more plentiful.

The removal is carried out using the FUE technique, extracting the hair follicles to be inserted. As we work with individual hairs, it is completely customised. The follicles are implanted with great precision on the recipient area, and positioned and angled to resemble the natural growth of facial hair.

BENEFITS Does not leave a linear scar (hair can be worn very short without having to worry). Less recovery time and fewer restrictions on activities after treatment. It can be used for patients who have undergone a previous strip removal.



The Paris-Dakar biker Gerard Farrés Guell shares his hair transplant experience.

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